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Digilytics is a digital marketing service focused on growing brand awareness and generating more revenue without having you move a finger. Originally started in 2017 in Germany, we had one goal in mind. That was to use our experience, skills and knowledge to implement tactics that would make companies switch their marketing approach for acquiring new customers and growing their campaigns.  We aid growing brands to gain an edge in the marketplace by raising brand awareness on social media as well as the web which ultimately helps with securing new customers. 

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Carlos Mueller

Social Media Expert

“I started thinking about the direction my life should take early on when I was at school. I started working with computers at a young age and soon realized that this would probably also be my future. So I did my apprenticeship in a leading IT company where I learned a lot about computers, internet presence, IT security and of course customer service. After the apprenticeship I realized that I had to pass on this knowledge and that I could help others with to market and sell products independently in the online area. During this time I was looking for like-minded people and so I teamed up with my Partners. Together we built several shops, were successful and decided to found an Agency / IT company with them The goal “to help our customers to be easier to find and to market their products and services profitably”.

No sooner said than done and soon our company Digilytics got the big chance to gain a foothold in the USA. So I moved to Miami, Florida at the age of 20 and started Digilytics.us. A huge advantage for me is that the digital world in the USA is already far ahead of ours and I learn something new every day that I can immediately implement for our customers, including in Germany. “


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